Hungarian Modern Art Gallery

The exhibition entitled “Lights and Shadows – painting trends in Hungarian Fine Arts from 1810 to 1920” gives space to the early works of the old gallery and some of the subsequent acquisitions. This comprehensive exhibition outlines the image of […]

Modern Romanian Art Gallery

The Modern Romanian Art Gallery (1850-1950) from Târgu-Mureş offers an exciting pilgrimage through an entire century, animated by eloquent chromatic tones and expressive volumetric shapes of the Romanian modern art, a period perceived with chronological generosity, starting from the middle […]

Bernády Memorial Room

Mayor Dr. Bernády György (1864-1938), bequeathed his home office furniture to the Reformed Church. The valuable objects survived the communist period, and are still owned by the inheriting institution. The pieces deposited from the Deanery Office have been exhibited here […]

Secession Hall

At the beginning of the 20th century Marosvásárhely’s progressive city administration saw the time to build a new city center. This intent coincided with the dynamic economic development of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy at the beginning of the century, which secured […]

Ion Vlasiu Gallery

In a room newly designed for the exhibition, the Ion Vlasiu Gallery comprises approximately 50 paintings and sculptures, an illustrative selection from the donation of the artist’s 96 works to the Art Museum. Thus, the creation of a space devoted […]

Dandea Memorial Room

The memorial room dedicated to the most prominent Romanian Mayor of the period between the two world wars, Dr. Emil Aurel Dandea, is meant as recognition for his major role in the modernization of the city. He was born in […]