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Hungarian Modern Art Gallery

The exhibition entitled “Lights and Shadows – painting trends in Hungarian Fine Arts from 1810 to 1920” gives space to the early works of the old gallery and some of the subsequent acquisitions. This comprehensive exhibition outlines the image of Hungarian art over the course of a century. This is the era in which the diversity of different trends is typical, as they manifested in the XIX. century. From Barabás Miklós’s Biedermeier manifestations to the romantic atmosphere of Lotz Károly, moving to the barbizon landscapes of Munkácsi Mihály and Paál László, continuing with the freshness of the Nagybánya School brought by Ferenczy Károly or Réti István; while this circle includes Vaszary János’s realism, Dósa Géza’s highly personalized light-shadow effects, and closes with the monumental expressiveness of Wágner Sándor and Spányi Béla.

The Hungarian Modern Art Gallery is temporary closed due to the restoration of the Palace of Culture. Thank you for your understanding.