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Ion Vlasiu Gallery

In a room newly designed for the exhibition, the Ion Vlasiu Gallery comprises approximately 50 paintings and sculptures, an illustrative selection from the donation of the artist’s 96 works to the Art Museum. Thus, the creation of a space devoted exclusively to his works is also a recompense for this noble gesture. The rehabilitation process began in 2011, with the opening of the Romanian Modern Art Gallery, when a special room was designed for Transylvanian artists and, within it, a section dedicated only to the artist Ion Vlasiu, comprising both sculpture and painting works. Ion Vlasiu Gallery is actually an extension of this space, which also wants to recreate with some personal objects the atmosphere specific to his creative workshop, where we can enter imaginary through an oversized image, at Deda Bistra, where he worked for a long time. Through the works, the gallery points out the essential periods of evolution of the creative thread.

Ion Vlasiu, a sculptor, painter and prose writer, is a complex character from the gallery of outstanding artists, he was noted among the students of the School of Fine Arts in Cluj (Kolozsvár) that marked and influenced the course of Romanian art. His creations demonstrate his ability to change the means of expression: chisel, brush or pencil, his openness to the variety of themes and the originality of his vision.

The objects in the collection at Marosvásárhely mostly belong to a mature era of his creative work, such as The Peasants’ Dream, Ileana, Facing Time, Paradise on Earth, Soul Bird, Maternity, Pair, to list some of them, but there are also some extraordinary works from his early career, like the Sulammit and the Self-portrait.


The Ion Vlasiu Gallery is temporary closed for modernization.