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Chameleon Jazz Band – Happy 2019

In the past years Chameleon Jazz Band performed in about 50 european cities with more than 350 concerts. Their guest performers include well-known names from both Hungary and Europe and they also give opportunity to new talents to introduce themselves. Many of their thematic nights have become popular recently, but the all night shows have brought them the real success. The unique funk-jazz-rock style and the atmosphere of their concerts are always set in a big stage performance and they prove every time that their name ‘Chameleon’ is not a coincidence.

They have been performing since 2003. The arts executive of the band is Rezső Bálint trombone artist. He is also an Artisjus-award-winning teacher. The art advisor position is currently held by Erkel-award-winning composer and university professor Péter Tóth.

Bálint Rezső | trombone, vocal
Borbényi Dániel | guitars
Birinyi Márk Ádám | keys
Bartók Vince | bass
Telek Attila | drums


Starts at: 1/12/19 7:00 pm
End at: 1/12/19 9:00 pm