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New masterpieces at the Hungarian Art Gallery

The exhibition illustrates new acquisitions of the museum in recent years and visitors can see Transylvanian artists or artists who create in Transylvania. Among the new creations that enrich the museum’s collection, one of the most remarkable paintings is Kőrösfői Kriesch Aladár’s “Three Kids” since 1905. The children in the garden of the Gödöllő house are barefoot, have clothes according to the new clothing reform, long hair shoulders. The appearance of the children reflects the ideas of reform, in the spirit of which the Körösfő family lived and raised their children. However, the child’s theme in the art of representation was much more than a mere family memory for Aladár Körösfői-Kriesch. From a universal perspective, the family and the child have a privileged place in its value system. In the Palace of Culture, some of Kőrösfő’s important murals can be seen, but the museum’s collection has never had any paintings of the great artist.
Nagy Oszkár, with the painting “Landscape from Baia Mare”, made in 1936, is an outstanding representative of the cultural heritage of Baia Mare, which perfectly combines the ideals of the painting school, while also placing a special emphasis on the illustration of nature.
The exhibition, which includes Litteczky Endre, Tibor Ernő, Jándi Dávid and Gáll Ferenc, illustrates the rich heritage of Transylvanian plastic art.

Starts at: 2019-06-28 19:00
End at: 2019-12-31 00:00