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Dósa Géza Gallery

The Dósa Géza Gallery includes more than 30 works. The newly designed room is specially equipped, modern in color and layout, with a special atmosphere created for graphics. These works originate from purchases of artworks and donations. In order to present Dósa’s work more expansively, is exhibited the reproduction of some of his significant works owned by the Hungarian National Gallery at Budapest: Gábor Bethlen among his Scientists and the sketches made for it.

Dósa Géza is one of the early departed artists of Marosvásárhely, his biography reveals a short life with a stormy fate. But in his short 25 years of life he has been able to unfold a lot of his true talents. Testimonies to this are his studies, sketches and compositions in line with modern art aspirations of the era, as well as his creations with pencil, clack ink, wash drawings or oil works.

The directions of the research and experimentation work of Dósa Géza are outlined in the collection at Marosvásárhely. Academic studies on the human body, nudes, expressions reveal an excellent designer with sure and dense lines, but also a master of psychology as he captures the inner feelings of his characters and his own inner world in a fine and profound way (Male nude’s anatomical study, Portrait of a Man, Self-portrait, Women’s Head etc.). Historical themes are also present in his creative work. Gábor Bethlen among his Scientists, a large composition whose reproduction can be seen exhibited reveals a mature personality, spontaneity and great synthesis capacity, avoiding any trace of theatricality. At the same time, he liked the representation of the intimate inner worlds, the mother-child relationship. He preserved the freshness of these themes, so these works mean the peak of his career, such as the Mother with her children, Sisters etc.