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Extraordinary Concert of Dabyeot Youth Wind Orchestra

Dabyeot Youth Wind Orchestra play in Hamyang Gun Gyeongsangnam-do Republic of Korea. Hamyang Gun located in north-south of Gyeongsangnam-do which is one of the administrative district of Republic of Korea. Dabyeot, the traditional Korean name of Hamyang Gun, is located in the north west of Gyeongsangnam-do. Dabyeot means the place where the warm sun always shines, you can be in the sunlight everywhere in Hamyang Gun. Lee Jung Hwan, one of the realist scholars of the Joseon dynasty, referred to Hamyang in his book “Taekriji”, as the best shelter and the best territory to live in. Hamyang which is surrounded by the national park Mt. Jiri to the south and the national park Mt. Deokyou to the north is famous for scholarship having produced scholars since ancient times.

Hamyang used to have more than ten youth wind orchestra teams in the 1960s. It experienced difficulties during the period of industrialization and many wind orchestras disbanded. However, the new century heralded an increase in involvement of wind orchestras. Primary and secondary school students along with college students voluntarily formed the Dabyeot Youth Wind Orchestra in 2005.

Dabyeot Youth Wind Orchestra consists of about eighty men and women. Their aim is to cultivate an appreciation of wind orchestra across the globe. The orchestra was invited to the 2009 JIWEF festival at Jeju Art Centre and Cheonjaeyeon waterfalland produced a number of memorable performances. The reception they received inspired them to continue producing exceptional performances on the world stage and to continue spreading their musical sunlight to a receptive audience. They play a periodical inspection twice a year and play other types of concerts in local cultural festivals and events throughout the year. They would like to positively participate in the wind orchestra festivalsand related events in Europe and the rest of the world.

The exposure they hope to receive from performing worldwide will give the Dabyeot Youth Wind Orchestra many advantages, including increasing thebroad understanding and high sense of music perspective the orchestra has begun to fosterin our young people. The orchestra was builded a practice studio which included six individual studios, four ensemble studios, instrument and sheet music storage area, administration office and a concert hall. When the building opens in late 2013 the orchestra will produce a full range of concerts and events. The construction work is financed by the Dabyeot culture center which is sponsored by the regional government, local corporations and the art funding organization. We want to your assistance and support to nice play in World. And want to make many beautiful recollection in World.

Starts at: 7/21/18 7:00 pm
End at: 7/21/18 9:00 pm